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We ensure affordable rates for thrilling African Safaris. ”Nothing about your safari without you”

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We ensure that no one pays more than required. We want our customers to have their lifetime experiment at the reasonable price served with high professionals, Kindly Join us, and leave your legacy in East Africa.

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Let us help you explore the world on your own terms. We'll work with you to create a unique, personalized itinerary for your journey. Sit back and relax as we take care of the planning, and then enjoy the freedom to experience it all at your own pace. We'll design and you can do!

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We keep trying and using what we tell you just to be sure. We’ll keep on going back to the park just to ensure that what we’re recommending is a perfect safari for you. We are proud of our professional expertise in East African travel.

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At Amshar Serengeti Adventures, we understand that every traveler is unique. That's why we offer personalized safari planning services to create a safari that's tailored to your interests, budget, and schedule. Whether you want to see rare wildlife, experience local cultures, or simply relax in a stunning natural setting, we can help you make it happen.

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Welcome to Amshar Serengeti Adventures, your ultimate guide to exploring the wild and breathtaking beauty of East Africa. Our website is designed to help you plan the safari adventure of a lifetime, whether you're interested in witnessing the Big Five or experiencing the vibrant cultures and traditions of East Africa. We offers African safaris and tours to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Planning a African Safaris needs specialized expert. We have specialized in arranging tailor-made African safaris and tours to Tanzania and East Africa.

As a registered safari company, we will take you to unlimited destinations, from the famous plains of Serengeti in Tanzania, Masai Mara in Kenya and the highest free-standing Mountain of Kilimanjaro, the hidden gem of the west and southern circuit to the beautiful tropical beaches of Zanzibar. You just have to ask us, and we will take you there.

Customer Reviews

Aodhan John September 2022

This was probably the most amazing experience I have had on a trip. Not only because of the wonderful views and all the animals we got to see, but the agency organized things perfectly, and thanks to our amazing guide Michael we didn’t have to worry about a thing throughout our whole week. Michael really took us on a once in a lifetime trip, he was always on top of everything, his scanning skills are insane, you could really feel he does this because he loves it and he was so keen on showing us and explaining as much as possible. He went out of his way every day to find the best spots, all the unique animals, and give us the full experience of a great safari. The communication was clear all the way through and we felt very comfortable on the trip with this we are grateful to Amshar Serengeti Adventures. Thank you so much Michael for your service!!


My favorite part of the experience was the beauty of nature and how well preserved the Tanzanian wildlife sanctuaries are. Our tour guide John was excellent! He made sure we got a full experience of the animals in their habitat. Watching them in their daily activities was simply astonishing. John was kind and attentive and explained everything in detail. He was a wealth of information and kept the narrative interesting. Booking directly with Amshar Serengeti Adventures was easy. Aron was extremely helpful and customized our tour for us. He also arranged for our road transfer -8 people - from United States, we all enjoyed our trip to Africa particularly for Tanzania wildlife experience. He did a superior job and never hesitated to help us with small details as we were preparing for our trip to Tanzania.

Magreth Joseph December 2022

This is not my first safari to Tanzania, I have been visiting this country for several times. But I would say this time has been awesome. Traveling with Amshar Serengeti Adventures has made my dream come true by witnessing the big groups of wildebeest crossing Mara River to Masai Mara in Kenya. One of my child told me that she won’t forget that experience and will be an event of a lifetime. It’s difficult to choose the best operator during the time of bookings but we are lucky to travel with this operator and we can recommend to anyone wishing to visit Tanzania.